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Its a Girls world and its exquisite!

Being a Girl is the biggest blessing i have ever had in my life. Every day i listen to news the rape cases, the crimes, the bad side of world. i also have always feared that world would hurt me because i am fragile, i am weak because i am woman. Every single thing i read or hears complains that its Men world. its cruel , its horrible and men only use women for their own goals. but, seriously is it really so? I mean there may be bad side but there is a good side too.

God hasn't the one who created bad side. He only created good. When I feared the world; he gave me protectors who would do everything to save me from getting hurt and those protectors were that very MEN about whom the whole world complains that "Men are not to be trusted" Blah blah blah.. May be there exists an illiterate society where women may not be respected but my points is that there also exists beautiful place where they are cherished , they are loved and respected.

because God created Adam as a fathe…