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Religion as a SCALE to measure eligibility of Humans!

If religion is kept away from politics, 60 % of our state problems will be solved. Religion can enhance the productivity and efficiency of the state if it is followed rightly, but we use religion only to declare sinners. 
Religion has become a SCALE only to express hatred against the people who hold opposite views. its more like a way to degrade them just because they are born to stand out. Quran has taught us that the decision of Judgement belongs only to God, but we ignore it daily. we tend not to listen the words of wisdom from anyone because we label them sinner first. 
Religion taught us to be human first, but now we are using it to induce hatred.. we believe we are superior than other because we belong to a great religion. but again, Quran said that the judgement of superiority only belong to Allah too.. 
Its not the states problem that it is under pressure from religious institutions. Its a problem on personal level. we all discriminate and induce hatred into each other. Governmen…