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People are Mirrors!

Human comes from humanity or humanity comes from human, one just cannot take one thing from the other. the basic framework of human comprises of a heart , mind and a body. some from the past said that we have only soul, mind and body and some says conscious , unconscious and subconscious. whatever you call it we all knows that we have 3 forces inside us, one which is pure, beautiful, nurturing; second is materialistic, selfish , egoistic and the third which takes care of the rules and regulations formed by ourselves and the beings around us.
We all experience these forces, are bound by them and are directed towards our motives by them. These forces also defines the our motives and makes us aware of them. Every one of us has the same structure. lets call these forces pure self, self-consciousness self and social self ( for the sake of convenience) so moving on to my point  I would say that these forces have dimensions i.e. one can lie on the high value of pure self and low on the othe…