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Battles of a Warrior!

I am not a feminist person, and I don't believe all men are wrong and they exploit women; I have seen many women exploiting their own kind. Well, believe me or not in the struggle towards pursuing the dreams women face lots of hardships as compare to men, not only hardship but criticism too. Some people will support them but others just don't let a moment slip to undermine their fellow's efforts. To pursue your dreams is the most difficult goal in the whole world, but what is more hard than it is to take the first step towards your goal.  You have to sacrifice many things in the journey, your hobbies, your sleep, your social circle etc etc.. But, what a person really lost in the process is the people who matters for them alot. which is a sad reality. when they need the support of their loved ones they just got left stranded. They became quite demanding and start accusing their fellows that they don't give them time. Even if a person tries to catch up with them, the eff…