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and Life play Games!

For some people Life is the most complicated thing ever but its as simple as breathing.. Its just a matter a choice.. A bet to take and a game to win.. it will always be a matter of choice between a human and his Creator. In the ideal and right way one can lose their life, their love and their desires but they cannot afford to lose the relation with the creator because their is no life without the one who created you.. the one who will be there when everything will rot away.. its just HIS game.. either He wins or you lose.. strange thing when He wins you wins too.. and its the sad reality of life you cant ever have the things you want the most in the world... even if they wanted to be yours too because He doesn't want them too.. and when he doesn't then nothing in the world can get you those things.. and these little tests wont stop.. sometimes HE will test you by taking something away.. and sometimes by giving something you wanted... and will see whether if you stick by His s…

Love still exists!

Love .. How should I define it? I really lack expertise to define such a complex term; but from life experience I have learnt love is selflessness ... Love is the state where you don't think about your own benefits and costs and someone else becomes more important for you and you cross every limit of sacrifice for that special being. Love is madness and it demands craziness; you can’t feel it if you are not insane.
But in today's society it is nowhere to be seen. We have covered the love with the blanket of materialism and lust. The idea of Love is vague so people often associate it with lust and they thinks it is mandatory.
Well, Love is a broader term and physical love (I call it lust, which i probably shouldn't) is just one of the expression of love. It’s the way from which you can transfer your special feelings to the other person. I don't say it’s unnecessary or unimportant. It is the essential component of love but one cannot limit love only to its physical expr…

A dose of Optimism!

Life never disappoints to offer you challenges . And at the very point where you end one goal and wipes off the sweat from your eyebrow and says thanks God I am out of this mess; Life says STOP! And it will search its pockets and pulls out something extraordinary for you. The more you will be reluctant to take risks the more it will make you prone to dangers. It will expose you to the ruthless realities of life, depletes your energy and scare you to your wits. But, no matter how big the problems are, you have to face it with all the strength you can muster because you can’t be a coward and run away from them. But, the questions arise that: why life be such a harsh teacher for us? Why it just don’t let us enjoy? Why can’t we have little peace?

And the answer to all of our questions is that it wants to shape us, grooms us so that we can be better humans. It exposes us to the awful moments; not to break us but to make us bend. Remember the fruitful branch always bows down because it is …

Sanity and Insanity.. what will you choose???

The biggest war is not something which needs guns and explosives sometimes your inside have much more destruction than outside.. its the fight between between "what you wants to do" and "what you should do" .. the difference between both terms is of "should". A six letter word that turns everything topsy turvy and this should comes into existence from the so-called society, our values, our morals and from the logical part of our mind. For most of us What i want to do is INSANITY and what i should do is SANITY... This War sometimes becomes the biggest burden on self because you just cant settle for both of them... Lets consider both options one by one:
If you go with "what you want" then you became a slave of your needs. you will be satisfied temporarily but after sometime your mind will start blaming you for being weak. it will make you regret for your whole life. Just one mistake will become so big that it will make your life a living hell. ev…