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A Dream

Last night, a dream stood outside my window..,
To be fearless and free, haunted my pillow...

When i opened my eyes the sun was too yellow..,
My family was laughing on a big fat hippo...

The water of the creek was cold near the meadow..,
And on the far end was the pink halo of a mighty flamingo...

The wind was trying to blow away the branches of willow..,
Then i woke up tempted to follow...

A misty path and the river that is shallow..,
To go high up the hill, then jump and fly with the swallow ❤

- Mahak Hamid


Lets go to playland where magic still lie...
Lets fell down a hundred time and cry..

But, dont worry the tears will soon dry..
Because we will raise our swings to sky..

Lets go to playland because there we can fly..
When you are feeling blue and don't know why..

Just go there and give it another try...
Maybe you will find the magical tree with branches that touch sky..

Where fairies play and drawfs make apple pie..
Let it make you happy again and let sorrow die..

Because its the land where dreams don't die...

-Mahak Hamid