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New beginnings!!

New years to me, are the opportunities to do a little more better than before. they makes us realize that time never stops for any one, it just keeps on moving ... it is eager to start new chapters while we are clinging to old ones. while people are excited to start a new year. celebrations are going all around the world. i always became depressed on the thought of new beginnings.. new beginnings  means a lot of goodbyes and a lots of hellos. As i grew mature day by day i shouldn't be hurt on the thought of goodbyes but the endings are always painful. They expects you to move on, to be strong , to rise again and to fall again . while everybody is moving on i am still stuck in the past, clinging to it.. living in it .. praying that may be those moments come again or i could go back so that i could live in those moments in perfect happiness but time is never going to wait for me.. it will move with the same speed , or more greater than its previous speed. so lets just harshly stop …

I stole some moments!

I have always been fancied by the beauty of rain. Everything looks so tranquil when it gets soaked with the water of haven. But, it wasn't the only exquisite thing on earth. Last week, i went on the trip of my university in the northern areas, in the mountains. The weather was very cold almost freezing we went on a hike, walking and talking animatedly, taking pictures and capturing our precious moments with the eye of camera; when suddenly the cold wind started blowing and small flakes of snow started falling down . I have never seen snowfall and it was the first time i was experiencing such thing. The small flakes of the snow filled the atmosphere with strange beauty. It turned everything so beautiful, so tranquil.  I started bouncing, feeling elated. I tried to capture the snowfall in the camera but the flakes were so small that our cameras couldn't capture them. then our Ma'am said that stop trying to capture it, just enjoy the moment and i acted upon her advice. i clo…

Love and Reality

Love is always beautiful. it binds you with the universe; gives your heart a reason to keep beating. It takes you to heaven and make yourself complete. It connects you to the CREATOR and his creation. I had always been afraid of love because i was and still am the insecure person. i liked living in solitude in peace with my own self but sometimes you really need someone to complete you, to understand you and to appreciate you. but i don't like loving somebody to such a great extent where you get completely out of control and lose all the limits; making them your only preference in the world. Like with them there is life, without them no life. It only happens in movies, literature and dreams. The only place where love can exist; real life is quite different form imagination.

In real life if you love somebody, they will take your full advantage and then vanishes like they never existed. huh! and you will keep on mourning for them for like ages but they will never feel pity on you a…

The beginning after the end!

Some times life let us run into the some special kind of people. when you talk to these type of people you become more grateful to the GOD almighty for creating such beautiful brains. Today i am writing about my most special friend. I met her through a friend , we talked for hours and she told me that she is an author and her book is about to publish soon. she also told me that i should write too. without her courage i wouldn't have started writing. for me she is the most beautiful person on earth because her beauty lies deep skin, in her soul. Here is the COVER REVEAL of her book. Her book is going to be published soon on Dec 27th, 2013. so grab it as soon as it get published. the concept and theme of the book is unique and beautiful . you all will love it!


About the book

What can the fear of losing the ones we love push us to do? In Chrissie’s case, it pushed her to distance herself from Allan, the man she loves mo…

My Soul Sister

Friendship if you ask me is the most adorable color in the scrapbook of life. it teaches you the most important lessons of life. As a nerd i was a bit introvert in the past few years of life, i spend all my time reading books, listening to emo music, throwing emotional tantrums, and learning Photoshop and editing skills. but then my life took a turn and threw me in the place where i never imagined myself.
I went to collage for my Bachelors and i was not very happy as usual suffering from emotional trauma ( I didn't like that collage at all and from childhood i have studied in best schools and collages, this one you can say i thought wasn't of my standard; well i had rude attitude at that time). i met a girl she was unique in all her existence. she was different from all the people there and had the expression of equal frustration just like me. i asked her what type of music she listens and she replied: i listen different kind of music, you wont like. this impressed me alot, i…


Alchemist is one of my favorite books. i wanted to blog book reviews so let me start with my most favorite book. Alchemist is the masterpiece of writing. Paulo Coelho has been one of my inspiration behind writing. his amazing words binds his readers and takes them into mysterious tunnels of reverie. Alchemist is the most beautiful piece of his creation. This is the story of a shepherd boy who follows the journey of his dreams where he saw the map of the hidden treasure. The unusual quest taught him the greatest lessons of life. In the middle of this mysterious adventure the boy fell in love with the girl. but the boy had to follow his heart which was searching his dream which fate has written. he left the love of his life and went to find the treasure. you have to read the book in order to know whether the boy found the hidden treasure and will he came back for the love of his life.
Paulo Coelho 's beautiful philosophy of life is the vital essence of this novel; without his philo…

The Death Paul Walker and 3 reactions of Muslims!

Death of any human being is the tragic event for everyone. The death of anybody is never something funny or a laughing matter. At Nov 30, 2013 the most depressing incident of Paul Walkers death happened. It was quite shocking for everybody, the family, friends, fans etc. Paul Walker was one of the most amazing racer around the globe. I get familiar with him in 2007, or 2008 may be when I watched Tokyo drift and after that I got huge crush on him and started waiting impatiently for his movies ( of course Fast and Furious) . He was my hero after that and maybe he is the only reason I love driving so much.  I want to drive like he drove. Sadly, he is no more and I cant see him driving more =(.. (but I can see his old movies again and again =) to feel that he was once there) ..
As his fan I was very sad and depressed and I was posting his old pictures and the moments of his life with writing RIP on every picture. I shockingly faced three reaction of my fellows i.e MUSLIMS (which was the …

Collage Ideas!

Creating a beautiful picture collage is a combination of creativity, talent, and a good sense of using the space. I have been creating collages from an year almost. My collages have been different from other because people mostly use templates and already made designs. They just insert pictures in the designs and a collage is done but I don’t like these user-friendly collages websites and softwares. as I am a bit complex type of person  I like softwares that are technical and requires a bit of effort. Currently I am working on Picasa Photo-editor by Google.. It allows you a full board to work on you can arrange pictures as you want .. you can rotate them , bring them on top or move them to bottom even you can edit those pictures in your collage clipboard..

Here are some of my work.. leave your comments if you like them =)


The nerdy sense of ecstasy

Like many people i longed for the moments of ecstasy.. where you feel world is not important.. what you are doing is right.. there are lots of hobbies and things in which people find happiness.. my friends became ecstatic when they hang with others .. they make fun of people and yes partying all the time... but i was a bit nerdy ... i couldn't find happiness or overwhelmed excited-ness in these kinda activities.. for me partying is boring .. why should i go to party and what will i do there ..?? i will just get bore.. leave it i will read a good book or listen music and spend the happy moments of life in my room in solitude.. but then i found a new pleasure accidentally.. i started learning driving .. when i put my feet on the accelerator and the engine roared to life.. the sound made my heart beat racing and satisfied the nerves of my soul.. driving then becomes my life more interesting hobby.. when i drives i feel my worries and tensions fading away.. it gives me the pure se…