New beginnings!!

New years to me, are the opportunities to do a little more better than before. they makes us realize that time never stops for any one, it just keeps on moving ... it is eager to start new chapters while we are clinging to old ones. while people are excited to start a new year. celebrations are going all around the world. i always became depressed on the thought of new beginnings.. new beginnings  means a lot of goodbyes and a lots of hellos. As i grew mature day by day i shouldn't be hurt on the thought of goodbyes but the endings are always painful. They expects you to move on, to be strong , to rise again and to fall again . while everybody is moving on i am still stuck in the past, clinging to it.. living in it .. praying that may be those moments come again or i could go back so that i could live in those moments in perfect happiness but time is never going to wait for me.. it will move with the same speed , or more greater than its previous speed. so lets just harshly stop ourselves dwelling in the past and close the already ended books. lets begin some new chapters , lets be happy again .. lets promise ourselves that we will not let our memories haunt us again and let the time heal our hearts. we will be better than before and try to act a bit more wise than before.. its a blessing of God that we are able to see a new year , He has given us a chance to correct our mistakes and serve each other. i wish you all a very happy new year.. May God bless you all..!!!


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