The Death Paul Walker and 3 reactions of Muslims!

Death of any human being is the tragic event for everyone. The death of anybody is never something funny or a laughing matter. At Nov 30, 2013 the most depressing incident of Paul Walkers death happened. It was quite shocking for everybody, the family, friends, fans etc. Paul Walker was one of the most amazing racer around the globe. I get familiar with him in 2007, or 2008 may be when I watched Tokyo drift and after that I got huge crush on him and started waiting impatiently for his movies ( of course Fast and Furious) . He was my hero after that and maybe he is the only reason I love driving so much.  I want to drive like he drove. Sadly, he is no more and I cant see him driving more =(.. (but I can see his old movies again and again =) to feel that he was once there) ..

As his fan I was very sad and depressed and I was posting his old pictures and the moments of his life with writing RIP on every picture. I shockingly faced three reaction of my fellows i.e MUSLIMS (which was the depressing moment too). Following are their reactions:

1.  RIP Paul Walker. We will miss you a lot. Fast and Furious will never be the same without you.. =(
2. What Paul Walker. He wasn’t your father! He wasn’t your companion too. Then how are you gonna miss him !
3. RIP is the latin word meaning may God Bless him. He isn’t Muslim and we don’t pray for the Non-Muslims and the people who commits sin everyday.

I just ignored the people in last two categories and keep on being upset because I have lost the person I seriously adored no-matter I have no blood relation with him.. but a moments later the people in the last two categories started fighting me. And the more sad thing they started behaving badly in public. I started getting texts from my friends that why are these people misbehaving. Why aren’t you doing something? And after that I gave them warning and when they didn’t stop I deleted and blocked them.
But, I hit me like a blow! I was already depressed and after that I got seriously hurt! Today I am writing just to tell people what are my beliefs on the death of any human on earth.

1.       Death is not a laughing matter. And everyone should respect it , they should comfort the people who face the death of their loved ones and liked ones too. Some day you will also face the death of the people who are close to you , who are special to you and then just imagine that the outsiders started blaming you and ill-treating you. Come on! People the victim is facing psychological and emotional trauma! Dont you have heart in you?

2.   This matter is outside the religion. Because in Islam the Jews and Christians are called AHEL-E-KITAB means that they share the message of Allah and the HOLY BOOKS with us ; they are our brothers and we are allowed to marry them too.  So, why cant we pray for them? Why are we so obsessed about ourselves? Why we think that we are the only superior being on earth?

3.      Let me draw you attention to the Event in HABSHA. When our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) has gone to spread the message of peace and Islam and the non-muslims (who were Buddhist at that time) threw stones at them and injure HIM with the stones. The companions of the HOLY PROPHET asked him to ill-pray for those but The HOLY PROPHET replied: I ll still pray GOOD for them. When such a big hearted attitude THE PROPHET can show then WHY WE CANT PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE… Islam has always focused on HUMANITY. It doesn’t told me that you should behave badly to anyone just because they don’t share same religion with me!  Then why we face such Narrow mindedness from our own people, our own friends. WHY? (Food for thought) 
      And the third more important thing Paul Walker wasn't drunk at the moment. he was coming back from the charity. And Paul walker donates money in the charity more than you people have in your whole life or more than your imaginations. so who gave you the authority to call him a sinner or a bad person. He was respectable as much as you and i are! so Plz be careful about your words!

      Someone truly Depressed,


  1. I must say tz lack of tolernce fo other's religion.... yeah u r rite there were such views of people... A wise saying I must quote here in reply of dt particular views...

    " Counting other people's sins, does not make u a saint..."
    there r things cant b changed.. :p so tnsn not.. :p

  2. Well put. The death of a person is always tragic, and we should give respect to those who have passed away. However other people can be very insensitive in times like these, and makes you loose hope in humanity. Nice article and blog you have here!

    1. @green fridge yes! you are right but there are still some people left like you who understand the feelings and help in regaining the hope.. thanks alot for your support... <3 leme check your blog too <3


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