Sanity and Insanity.. what will you choose???

The biggest war is not something which needs guns and explosives sometimes your inside have much more destruction than outside.. its the fight between between "what you wants to do" and "what you should do" .. the difference between both terms is of "should". A six letter word that turns everything topsy turvy and this should comes into existence from the so-called society, our values, our morals and from the logical part of our mind. For most of us What i want to do is INSANITY and what i should do is SANITY... This War sometimes becomes the biggest burden on self because you just cant settle for both of them... Lets consider both options one by one:

If you go with "what you want" then you became a slave of your needs. you will be satisfied temporarily but after sometime your mind will start blaming you for being weak. it will make you regret for your whole life. Just one mistake will become so big that it will make your life a living hell. everyday you will wake up with regret and will sleep being hurt. it will build so much agony that you will start seeing yourself a culprit.

And what if you go with "what you should do" .. you will be satisfied. your logical mind will give you a pat on your back for being sane. but then you will notice the craving inside you. you will notice the desire growing inside and hurting your heart like you have ingested some pieces of glass and they are flowing inside you with blood .. cutting you where ever they touch.

And this war never ends.. it depletes all your energy.. makes you empty from inside.. and they say Being HUMAN is difficult ... 
I want your suggestions and comments because its killing me ...



  1. These words should be written on diary rather to be on blog.

  2. Living in the moment, is what they call the real triumph. We make choices every single day of our lives but we never know if the choice we just made is the right one??
    So the idea of living the present or living the moment arise when you learn to accept the everyday choices you make and deal with them as if they were meant to be. No crying over past things and no worries for the unseen future just to be in the moment and enjoy what you have right now.
    But.........this is only possible in theory as long as man has his memory of past and his sense for future.

  3. Rather than letting someone else or a society determine what you SHOULD do, one should do what they want. But one thing that definitely needs to be considered here doing everything you WANT to do isn't something wise but doing something that you 'truly love' from the depth of your heart and are passionate about is something you should do. There are a lot of things a person wants to do, they want to be rich, they want to have every top class car, they want to have all the expensive gadgets OR they want to pursue a career they have always dreamed of and which might be considered nontraditional in the society they live otherwise. In a nutshell before deciding which option to go for one needs to consider the reasonable outputs of both the options and see if or not they are willing to sacrifice what it takes to set foot on the untraveled path. Not many people have what it takes, but the ones who do are the ones who have changed the path of their lives and many of those in their upcoming generations. :-)
    Goodluck choosing the right option :-)

    1. WOW! i couldn't have put it in better words than you ... i seriously appreciate your advice.. thank you for broadening the perspective :)

  4. Never let anyone to decide what you should do..
    I will chose that kind of INSANITY which will not only makes an impact on me but also on society..

    1. i just wanna know what people do when they face such situation .. but that insanity if got negative can leave scars on the society .. but here is the debate on ones own self what one should do when you are insane about something and sanity pulls you back in reality :)

    2. Yep you are right.. we should avoid such insanity.. :)
      BDW best writing and thoughts..


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