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Beyond Perfection

I don't know why people are obsessed with the weight of others.. I have generally observed that all people do in conversation is to point out how much skinny and fat the other person is. Like they need is to make the other person realize how imperfect they are. well, Newsflash: nobody is perfect and those who point out the imperfections of others are more imperfect than them because, in my opinion they are just filling the vacuum created by the constant battle between their ideal self and real self. You are a human, if you are so imperfect or futile just because of your physical appearances, then God wouldn't have created you in first place. Stop seeing yourself from the mirror others show because in the end no matter how beautiful and perfect they are, they will get old and ugly. Beauty never lasts, what lasts is the character of the person and their good deeds. 
If you are the one who have number of fake caring friends that constantly bombard you with comments that you are sk…