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Battles of a Warrior!

I am not a feminist person, and I don't believe all men are wrong and they exploit women; I have seen many women exploiting their own kind. Well, believe me or not in the struggle towards pursuing the dreams women face lots of hardships as compare to men, not only hardship but criticism too. Some people will support them but others just don't let a moment slip to undermine their fellow's efforts. To pursue your dreams is the most difficult goal in the whole world, but what is more hard than it is to take the first step towards your goal.  You have to sacrifice many things in the journey, your hobbies, your sleep, your social circle etc etc.. But, what a person really lost in the process is the people who matters for them alot. which is a sad reality. when they need the support of their loved ones they just got left stranded. They became quite demanding and start accusing their fellows that they don't give them time. Even if a person tries to catch up with them, the eff…

Destroyed Childhood

This is how you destroy roots of the nation. This is how you breed a society of emotionally numb human beings, who are dysfunctional at all levels.. They were our children, they were our future... Its so sickening that instead of giving them protection, police is being used to shut them up.. 
What will these children grow into? They will grow into same monsters that abuse them. Why is our politicians so weak that they will never take an action upon it. Yeah, they will take action. They will file a case, condemn the issue and will shut their mouth forever.
I just want to ask the militants that where were they at that time? They kill people to impose Islam, why don't they kill these criminals? Why don't they raise their voices against such crime? Or these incidents don't fulfill the criteria of their un-Islamic?

Beyond Perfection

I don't know why people are obsessed with the weight of others.. I have generally observed that all people do in conversation is to point out how much skinny and fat the other person is. Like they need is to make the other person realize how imperfect they are. well, Newsflash: nobody is perfect and those who point out the imperfections of others are more imperfect than them because, in my opinion they are just filling the vacuum created by the constant battle between their ideal self and real self. You are a human, if you are so imperfect or futile just because of your physical appearances, then God wouldn't have created you in first place. Stop seeing yourself from the mirror others show because in the end no matter how beautiful and perfect they are, they will get old and ugly. Beauty never lasts, what lasts is the character of the person and their good deeds. 
If you are the one who have number of fake caring friends that constantly bombard you with comments that you are sk…

Religion as a SCALE to measure eligibility of Humans!

If religion is kept away from politics, 60 % of our state problems will be solved. Religion can enhance the productivity and efficiency of the state if it is followed rightly, but we use religion only to declare sinners. 
Religion has become a SCALE only to express hatred against the people who hold opposite views. its more like a way to degrade them just because they are born to stand out. Quran has taught us that the decision of Judgement belongs only to God, but we ignore it daily. we tend not to listen the words of wisdom from anyone because we label them sinner first. 
Religion taught us to be human first, but now we are using it to induce hatred.. we believe we are superior than other because we belong to a great religion. but again, Quran said that the judgement of superiority only belong to Allah too.. 
Its not the states problem that it is under pressure from religious institutions. Its a problem on personal level. we all discriminate and induce hatred into each other. Governmen…

We Damage our own personality!

Insult, Snigger, Snubbing, abusing.. these are all the synonyms of each other. some are extremes and some are subtle, but the category remains the same. these terms are as old as language, but how they came into being.  When we are angry we direct our rage towards something, usually our mouth. we shout and insult people. we also insult others for the sake of fun or to get attention. Do we ever think what our insults do to someone? In the extreme cases the victim can take our insult seriously and will get seriously hurt. In second case our insult will not affect them at all. In second case we will be the one who doesn't have guts to keep our dignity.  We all are educated individuals, we can read, write and learn. we are respected members of the society. Doesn't it all teach us that we should behave in a respected way? I have seen alot of people insulting celebrities on facebook, twitter or whatever. Do you really think that the celebrity will think about your petty little insu…

Just a Food for thought..

Hey everyone,
well I am here, writing again because someone insisted me to write. he told me that whether I write how to make up properly or about friendship I should write. I weren't writing because I thought I 've lost myself somewhere. as you all know that the mental and emotional states of the writer affects their writing. and when you lose reasons to live so also lose the reasons to write.. well I am fine now :),, and I am back .. so I will write and nag you all with my posts..  we all rise then we fall... we love and we loose.. we fight and we win.. everyone struggles deeply in their life but is it really our purpose of living? don't you all think that we are just going with the flow. living and living and trying to survive.. and in the war of survival we leave all the things behind our emotions, our heart, our relations and the passions. what are we really doing for our own selves. a time will come when we will just become a deadbody and will be buried away, we wil…