We Damage our own personality!

Insult, Snigger, Snubbing, abusing.. these are all the synonyms of each other. some are extremes and some are subtle, but the category remains the same. these terms are as old as language, but how they came into being. 
When we are angry we direct our rage towards something, usually our mouth. we shout and insult people. we also insult others for the sake of fun or to get attention. Do we ever think what our insults do to someone? In the extreme cases the victim can take our insult seriously and will get seriously hurt. In second case our insult will not affect them at all. In second case we will be the one who doesn't have guts to keep our dignity. 
We all are educated individuals, we can read, write and learn. we are respected members of the society. Doesn't it all teach us that we should behave in a respected way? I have seen alot of people insulting celebrities on facebook, twitter or whatever. Do you really think that the celebrity will think about your petty little insult? you aren't that much important to them. write all the abuses you want to write, but what is the benefit of it. you are only reflecting that how down market you are. but, somehow it satisfies your ego. you will get praise of your fellows. Seriously? is it all you really wants? 
Your insult only damages your own personality, It only shows how much savage you are. The people who are annoying or irritating you will keep doing it. why would they care about you. Its only you who is responsible for your own peace of mind, your own composure. It will be only you who should try to learn tolerance, because your personality is your business not theirs. 
A respected person should be so much dignified that nothing can aggravate him/herself to lose her temper. because when you lose your temper you literally make yourself a toy. Its up to the other person to press the button and convert you from a Human into a monster. Do you really want the remote of your personality in the hand of the people you hate? 
Lets consider we really hate that person, then why we can't assume they are dead and ignore them. why do we care about them so much that we waste our precious words on them? our words have value and we should not just throw them in trash or waste-bin.
Life is all about composure. The hurdles and obstacles that comes in our path are the tests of nature. they only examine whether we break or not, so we should fight and give nature a message that we ain't the iron who corrodes, we are diamond. which bears the stress and gets much more shiny, much more exquisite.  
In my opinion, we all should let people do whatever they want because we are not answerable to them. we are only answerable for our own deeds and words. And somebody said, life isn't about what you lost, what you get, its about the way how you lived, how you behaved. :) 



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