Love still exists!

Love .. How should I define it? I really lack expertise to define such a complex term; but from life experience I have learnt love is selflessness ... Love is the state where you don't think about your own benefits and costs and someone else becomes more important for you and you cross every limit of sacrifice for that special being. Love is madness and it demands craziness; you can’t feel it if you are not insane.

But in today's society it is nowhere to be seen. We have covered the love with the blanket of materialism and lust. The idea of Love is vague so people often associate it with lust and they thinks it is mandatory.

Well, Love is a broader term and physical love (I call it lust, which i probably shouldn't) is just one of the expression of love. It’s the way from which you can transfer your special feelings to the other person. I don't say it’s unnecessary or unimportant. It is the essential component of love but one cannot limit love only to its physical expression.

Love has more forms of expressions too. Love expresses itself in the very essence of you. It reflects from the way you behave in front of that special being. The way you look at them, the way you care about them, the way you help them and the every step you take to protect that special person.

Love never needs to be expressed. It is the communication of the soul. It makes those three unimportant words "I Love you" very very special.  Love is caring about each other. To define love with its only physical expression is just like insulting it. If you really love someone then you don't need to express it; but, if you are expressing it without the true feelings then its futile.  

Love belongs to skies and it is sacred. And, when you do something sacred you have to complete some rituals, some traditions. Without those rituals the sacred things lose their meanings and soul. They become empty and they die. Yes! They DIES! Death brings pain and suffering to all those who are affected by it. Then, we complain that Love is another name of suffering, it can't bring happiness but just ask yourself whether you have completed all the formalities to make yourself eligible for it.

Any religion in the world is not against of love but they do define rules how to get a love which can bring peace to souls and harmony to nature. The whole existence of human is the result of the immortal love and we can’t escape from it.  Alas! Love don’t brings the happiness and peace to us which it promised because we are impatient and careless. We don’t want to fulfill its pre-requisites; we just want pleasure and happiness without any hard work. It’s the rule of nature that if you want something extraordinary, something special then you have to work your ass off for it. Then why are we so much lazy in the matter of something so vital like love .

So Stop complaining that love don’t exist in the world because it does but it dies because of our wrong attitudes. Do Love! but make yourself eligible for it and then the whole world will smile on you and will pray for your well being!




  1. Sachi Muhabbat tab tak zindah hay jab tak ye dunya qaim hay , baki log jhoote hote hen.... jo dhoka dete hn

    1. they dont ... they just sought pleasure.. hedonistic approach :)

  2. If you want something special you have to work your ass off for it.. (y) (y)


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