and Life play Games!

For some people Life is the most complicated thing ever but its as simple as breathing.. Its just a matter a choice.. A bet to take and a game to win.. it will always be a matter of choice between a human and his Creator. In the ideal and right way one can lose their life, their love and their desires but they cannot afford to lose the relation with the creator because their is no life without the one who created you.. the one who will be there when everything will rot away.. its just HIS game.. either He wins or you lose.. strange thing when He wins you wins too.. and its the sad reality of life you cant ever have the things you want the most in the world... even if they wanted to be yours too because He doesn't want them too.. and when he doesn't then nothing in the world can get you those things.. and these little tests wont stop.. sometimes HE will test you by taking something away.. and sometimes by giving something you wanted... and will see whether if you stick by His side or not.. If you do you will be blessed n if you don't then it will be the end of you..




  1. Too many live as if they're their own Creator. I take responsibility for my own life and my own decisions, all the while knowing He is there to catch me when I fall.

    1. Yes Elmarie, One should live like you.. and HE will always be there for :) <3


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