A dose of Optimism!

Life never disappoints to offer you challenges . And at the very point where you end one goal and wipes off the sweat from your eyebrow and says thanks God I am out of this mess; Life says STOP! And it will search its pockets and pulls out something extraordinary for you. The more you will be reluctant to take risks the more it will make you prone to dangers. It will expose you to the ruthless realities of life, depletes your energy and scare you to your wits. But, no matter how big the problems are, you have to face it with all the strength you can muster because you can’t be a coward and run away from them. But, the questions arise that: why life be such a harsh teacher for us? Why it just don’t let us enjoy? Why can’t we have little peace?

And the answer to all of our questions is that it wants to shape us, grooms us so that we can be better humans. It exposes us to the awful moments; not to break us but to make us bend. Remember the fruitful branch always bows down because it is blessed. Same is the case with mankind. God test us again and again because HE loves us, HE wants us to fight hard, to win because if there isn’t anything challenging then how can somebody win. So, HE puts lots of obstacles in our paths because HE trusts us that we will never let him down and will achieve our goals.

Peace can only happen to us when we will one day sleep for eternity. It does not mean that we will always be in a danger and worst condition. Every test when ends bring inner satisfaction for the soul and you becomes closer to yourself. It helps you to be in peace with yourself. It makes you appreciate the fact that you exist in world.

N what does a man really wants? Does it want to attain his inner perfection and inner satisfaction which tells him that everything is just an exam it will end soon then he will be the winner; he will be blessed afterwards. Or a man wants to be blessed temporarily and suffer later, because just for the sake of happiness of two seconds he has lost his inner satisfaction. He will be the killer of his conscience because of his hedonistic approach. 

Let me tell you the biggest truth of life; all of us have our equal share of pleasure and suffering. Nobody can take that away from us. A temporary suffering won’t kill you as the wise says every dark cloud has a silver lining so, it will also end soon; same as after temporary pleasure there will be permanent suffering.
So, one should start their day with the optimism and positive feelings. No matter how much in deep mess you are, if you are following the right path i.e. you are in peace with yourself then you are going to be rewarded afterwards. Because, Mother Nature never leaves a chance to disappoint and she is the only one which is just and sincere to everyone!




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