Just a Food for thought..

Hey everyone,
well I am here, writing again because someone insisted me to write. he told me that whether I write how to make up properly or about friendship I should write. I weren't writing because I thought I 've lost myself somewhere. as you all know that the mental and emotional states of the writer affects their writing. and when you lose reasons to live so also lose the reasons to write.. well I am fine now :),, and I am back .. so I will write and nag you all with my posts.. 
we all rise then we fall... we love and we loose.. we fight and we win.. everyone struggles deeply in their life but is it really our purpose of living? don't you all think that we are just going with the flow. living and living and trying to survive.. and in the war of survival we leave all the things behind our emotions, our heart, our relations and the passions. what are we really doing for our own selves. a time will come when we will just become a deadbody and will be buried away, we will be just gone. then who will come and do things what we ever wanted to do.. is the goal of your life is just to be a doctor, engineer etc etc.. after that what? we pursue our this goal, then what next... oh yes society thinks then we should get married with some stranger and live happily ever after. but the thing is how can you marry someone who doesnt even acknowledge that what kind of a person you are, what you wanted to do, what your values are. its just like picking up a dress from a boutique, like oh look at this dress I really like it lets buy it... but do you wear that dress forever? no, when you get fed up from it, you just tuck it away or give it to anyone else. but you have to be married for ever then how can you just pick a person randomly and marry them and lock your self in the chest and bury it. Is life's purpose is to put away your own self? I 've asked many people whats their purpose of living and end up having answers about their profession. I will repeat again what after that? 
what I think is the purpose of living is doing everything but keeping your own self alive. keeping the spark alive, to get up in the morning and feeling that what ever I did, atleast I didnt killed my own feelings for the sake of my society. 
now you will be thinking that we have to live in the society then we should follow its customs.. but seriously society is just a mental construct. your society will not be with you when you are buried somewhere alone. most of us will not even be remembered. then where will be this society? 
well I am leaving you with this food for thought. I will be back soon with something you will love to read till then,
Love you all always,


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