Battles of a Warrior!

I am not a feminist person, and I don't believe all men are wrong and they exploit women; I have seen many women exploiting their own kind. Well, believe me or not in the struggle towards pursuing the dreams women face lots of hardships as compare to men, not only hardship but criticism too. Some people will support them but others just don't let a moment slip to undermine their fellow's efforts. To pursue your dreams is the most difficult goal in the whole world, but what is more hard than it is to take the first step towards your goal.  You have to sacrifice many things in the journey, your hobbies, your sleep, your social circle etc etc.. But, what a person really lost in the process is the people who matters for them alot. which is a sad reality. when they need the support of their loved ones they just got left stranded. They became quite demanding and start accusing their fellows that they don't give them time. Even if a person tries to catch up with them, the efforts are futile because you cant be them 24/7. Soon, the social circle of such person started to die. People stops inviting them in the gatherings. Best friends become the strangers they once know. People leave them alone. Friendships ends. No matter how hard the person tries to stay in touch with them they will always complain you are too busy. you were out of touch blah blah blah. They won't analyse their behaviour but accuse the other one in return. 
I have read somewhere that when a man tries to accomplish something, he is called determined; But, when a women does the same thing she is labelled as selfish and stubborn. What really surprises me is that these labels are given to women by women. Instead of cheering and supporting their mate they just use to demotivate them. Whenever I tell someone I am studying or doing something related to academics stuff they always use to come up with the response: "exactly what will you accomplish after studying so much, you will have to do the same stuff, get married and do house work". It really amazes me that people just can't think above these things at all. For them life is only daily affairs of "House". An enlightened mind is worlds most precious belonging. It doesn't want to achieve something. It just want to light the path for other future generations to come or just to be the better person or to bring goodwill to the whole world. When same society complains that "World is full of idiots or bad, corrupt and immoral people", I cannot help thinking that education can end these all evils but when an individual is trying to pursue their dreams they faces unbearable hurdles created by same society.
Call me selfish or strong headed or stubborn, but I believe in working hard for my dreams. and, I respect every single person who is trying to accomplish something not for the world but for themselves. 
To everyone facing the same battle, You are an awesome person, Don't ever let your spirits down just for the sake of some people whose thinking limit is restricted to daily life only. Think broadly, you are shaping not only yours life but you are giving others a hope that if one struggles and fight for their dreams, they can change their fate. I have also read somewhere never take people seriously, they all will die :P... Apart from joke, if you think you are losing your loved ones in the process then just let them go, because if they truly loves you they will come back one day, and if they don't then why would else you need them in your life... After all its only love and a bit of support one wants from their loved ones.
And To the people, friends and loved ones, if you really love someone then give them a bit of space. All they need is a bit of understanding and support, believe me the journey towards dreams is not very easy but your love can heal every wound :).


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