Collage Ideas!

Creating a beautiful picture collage is a combination of creativity, talent, and a good sense of using the space. I have been creating collages from an year almost. My collages have been different from other because people mostly use templates and already made designs. They just insert pictures in the designs and a collage is done but I don’t like these user-friendly collages websites and softwares. as I am a bit complex type of person  I like softwares that are technical and requires a bit of effort. Currently I am working on Picasa Photo-editor by Google.. It allows you a full board to work on you can arrange pictures as you want .. you can rotate them , bring them on top or move them to bottom even you can edit those pictures in your collage clipboard..

Here are some of my work.. leave your comments if you like them =)



  1. I love all your collages they are very creative and beautiful

    1. Thank you so much Ashley! If you like i will make one for you too =)


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