I stole some moments!

I have always been fancied by the beauty of rain. Everything looks so tranquil when it gets soaked with the water of haven. But, it wasn't the only exquisite thing on earth. Last week, i went on the trip of my university in the northern areas, in the mountains. The weather was very cold almost freezing we went on a hike, walking and talking animatedly, taking pictures and capturing our precious moments with the eye of camera; when suddenly the cold wind started blowing and small flakes of snow started falling down . I have never seen snowfall and it was the first time i was experiencing such thing. The small flakes of the snow filled the atmosphere with strange beauty. It turned everything so beautiful, so tranquil.  I started bouncing, feeling elated. I tried to capture the snowfall in the camera but the flakes were so small that our cameras couldn't capture them. then our Ma'am said that stop trying to capture it, just enjoy the moment and i acted upon her advice. i closed my eyes and faces the sky, it was the moment of pure ecstasy . The little flakes when touched my face they filled my heart with peace and contentment. they were magical, as the snowfall becomes more intense my fellows started hooting with joy. everything the flakes had touched became magical and beautiful. The trees, the sky, the lane, everything became delighted like us. the forest was on the peak of its beauty i felt that it was as pleased as us enjoying the moments of pure cherishment. it was the most beautiful day for all of us . Although the snow was cold but it filled us with unknown warmth. i had never been so happy in my whole life. it was seriously the God's most beautiful wonder. i was lost in serenity, thanking The God for his most wonderful blessing. Mother nature never disappoints you; it always keeps on showing its wonders, from more beautiful to most beautiful. which always bring the happiness to the hearts. the falling snow felt like a miracle, it gave me hope that miracles happens! and they happens in this THIS world, in the midst of human selfishness, lies, fake-ness miracles happen ! Mother nature exists with all her existence just waiting to be discovered. You will always find her giving your eyes exquisite treat. All you have to do is to pull yourself away form the busy routine and steal some moments of pleasure in the arms of nature. =)



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