Alchemist is one of my favorite books. i wanted to blog book reviews so let me start with my most favorite book. Alchemist is the masterpiece of writing. Paulo Coelho has been one of my inspiration behind writing. his amazing words binds his readers and takes them into mysterious tunnels of reverie. Alchemist is the most beautiful piece of his creation. This is the story of a shepherd boy who follows the journey of his dreams where he saw the map of the hidden treasure. The unusual quest taught him the greatest lessons of life. In the middle of this mysterious adventure the boy fell in love with the girl. but the boy had to follow his heart which was searching his dream which fate has written. he left the love of his life and went to find the treasure. you have to read the book in order to know whether the boy found the hidden treasure and will he came back for the love of his life.
Paulo Coelho 's beautiful philosophy of life is the vital essence of this novel; without his philosophy everything is colorless. Do read this book if you wanna know the blend of life,fate,love and goals! this book is for all age groups and every person on earth who listens to their hearts!



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