The nerdy sense of ecstasy

Like many people i longed for the moments of ecstasy.. where you feel world is not important.. what you are doing is right.. there are lots of hobbies and things in which people find happiness.. my friends became ecstatic when they hang with others .. they make fun of people and yes partying all the time... but i was a bit nerdy ... i couldn't find happiness or overwhelmed excited-ness in these kinda activities.. for me partying is boring .. why should i go to party and what will i do there ..?? i will just get bore.. leave it i will read a good book or listen music and spend the happy moments of life in my room in solitude.. but then i found a new pleasure accidentally.. i started learning driving .. when i put my feet on the accelerator and the engine roared to life.. the sound made my heart beat racing and satisfied the nerves of my soul.. driving then becomes my life more interesting hobby.. when i drives i feel my worries and tensions fading away.. it gives me the pure sense of ecstasy, freedom, the surge of happiness and etc etc.. by then driving becomes a passion and i started to know what is ecstasy... its the thing that makes your heart pumping in your ears and your blood racing.. when you feel the silky smooth wind against your face... the roar of your engine and the sense of pure freedom is what your heart desires.. from then i know the pure pleasure in life circles around taking risks.. you will really feel happy when you take risks .. escape your comfort zone and do some thing crazy.. from that time i started taking risks and if you ask me i am more than happy now =)



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