Love and Reality

Love is always beautiful. it binds you with the universe; gives your heart a reason to keep beating. It takes you to heaven and make yourself complete. It connects you to the CREATOR and his creation. I had always been afraid of love because i was and still am the insecure person. i liked living in solitude in peace with my own self but sometimes you really need someone to complete you, to understand you and to appreciate you. but i don't like loving somebody to such a great extent where you get completely out of control and lose all the limits; making them your only preference in the world. Like with them there is life, without them no life. It only happens in movies, literature and dreams. The only place where love can exist; real life is quite different form imagination.

In real life if you love somebody, they will take your full advantage and then vanishes like they never existed. huh! and you will keep on mourning for them for like ages but they will never feel pity on you and will treat you like dirt! Love is the only force on earth which has a power to make you vulnerable, to yourself and to the person you loves. Even in our blood relations we strives hard, compromises everything because we cannot afford to lose the person we love but that person remains unsatisfied and keeps on hurting us. Love gives us a reason to survive but it also gets us to impasse. It breaks us to the point where we can neither live nor die.

If love is the heart of life then without it how can somebody live. The Creator has put it in our hearts so we strive to become better day by day. He made it vital for the living then why we got hurt so much when we try to love the beings around us. Maybe, its because we put our faith in wrong people. We build unrealistic expectations with them and dream that one day they will realize our worth, our love and will come to us and make our lives paradise. But, dreams are dreams when they breaks, they injure our eyes too and leave us empty.

Thats the reason we all afraid to love, but we all still love because it takes us to the moments of pure cherish-ment. We falls for someone accidentally, we started loving the way the look at us, they way they walk, talk and do everything. Every single thing about them becomes special; they becomes the center of our universe. we feel that they are the lost piece of our soul's jigsaw and somehow they will fulfill our desire of perfection.

You are thinking that does this kind of love really exist? Haven't i told you that love only exist in literature? but this type of love do exist in all of us because we are humans and we all wants to affiliate. But, we push this love deep inside us because we unconsciously fears that we will be ruined by this force. Loving is the basic necessity of life and one cant just walk away from it. we all falls in love, we cries days for our loved ones and we blame them that they made fun of us leave us hurt and after ages, when one day we woke up; we are healed. we start to love again to gets ready to hurt again. Thats how the cycle of life moves.

We love and it wreck havoc and for this pain we blame everybody in the world even our Creator that He made our hearts so sensitive and vulnerable. but did we really play maturely our role. we are humans and we all made mistakes. Building unrealistic expectations from someone is also a mistake.The love of our life is also a human and when we build expectations with them we tries to imagine that they are perfect, they cannot make mistakes; and when they donot meet that criteria then we get hurts.

we say that "if you think in love then its not love". is it really a rational attitude? you are giving somebody a power to destroy you without even thinking? If the Creator has given us the power to love then he has also given us a heart which is somewhere connected to Him and believe me your heart always tells you that you are about to fall. but we are so deeply madly in love that you will ignore all the signs and believe that the person you love will change someday and he/she will be yours. it will never going to happen the nature of a person is permanent change and it never changes. so if you ignore all the signs of Mother Nature and believe that you will change somebody by your ability to love then My Friend you are the biggest fool on earth.

You are unique and most the beautiful being. Their won't be anyone like you so why you are wasting yourself and your abilities for a jerk . Do something! use your mind! create something that serves humanity and then you will realize getting blessings from other beings is real happiness. Believe in yourself and stop lowering your standard for people just believe in the creator and someday, He will put your heart in the person who really deserves you and that person will accept you like the way you truly are because only our Creator knows how to heal our broken hearts! Believe on him and forget your tensions and worries because IF IT REALLY MEANT TO BE THEN IT WILL HAPPEN OTHERWISE YOU ARE LIVING A LIE AND MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF!!!



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