My Soul Sister

Friendship if you ask me is the most adorable color in the scrapbook of life. it teaches you the most important lessons of life. As a nerd i was a bit introvert in the past few years of life, i spend all my time reading books, listening to emo music, throwing emotional tantrums, and learning Photoshop and editing skills. but then my life took a turn and threw me in the place where i never imagined myself.

I went to collage for my Bachelors and i was not very happy as usual suffering from emotional trauma ( I didn't like that collage at all and from childhood i have studied in best schools and collages, this one you can say i thought wasn't of my standard; well i had rude attitude at that time). i met a girl she was unique in all her existence. she was different from all the people there and had the expression of equal frustration just like me. i asked her what type of music she listens and she replied: i listen different kind of music, you wont like. this impressed me alot, i told her that i listen different music too; tell me who do you listen? she told me she listen evanescence Gothic music, i told her i listen metal and we became good friends.

but as the days passed i realized we are not friends like ordinary people, we are strangely connected. whatever happens to be processing in my mind i hears her saying it. we thinks exactly the same. i never had any friends all my life and i was strangely attracted by her because she was exactly like me. just like my duplicate copy. we became crime partner since then. we both were crazy and insane teenagers who just crave to explore the world. we flew , we ran, we fell down, we cried , we laugh; we did everything together. she taught me that friendship is having a crime partner who have a share in your mischieves. i live my life's greatest moments with her. she told who having a partner feels like. =)

In the beginning we just try to find our quiet corner in collage and chatter all day long. we read the same types of books, we discussed them. listens to music and sometimes we just watches the gates of the collage that when we will be out . we wanted to explore the world , we wanted to wander all day long. and now we stand in the center of people and shoots we are here, we are insane. yes we turned our dreams in the reality. 

The strange fact is that whenever we are together we always go against all the odds. and then we think we always go opposite of the world and then we feel proud of ourselves. In this world were our own relatives stab us sometimes. i found a friend who is the most loyal person on earth. i ve hurt her alot sometimes but she always stick-ed together with me and taught me friendship also means sticking together nomatter what happens. i feel blessed because i have her support and care with me. she is my soul sister. 

i am writing this for her and for you to tell you that sometimes we find someone who truly cares for us so instead of hurting them we should cherish. we should give them support and care like they deserve. some people we met in life are very special so just lock them in your heart and throw the key away deep in sea so that those people always remains there!!



  1. thank you and the feeling iz mutual love you my soul sis


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