People are Mirrors!

Human comes from humanity or humanity comes from human, one just cannot take one thing from the other. the basic framework of human comprises of a heart , mind and a body. some from the past said that we have only soul, mind and body and some says conscious , unconscious and subconscious. whatever you call it we all knows that we have 3 forces inside us, one which is pure, beautiful, nurturing; second is materialistic, selfish , egoistic and the third which takes care of the rules and regulations formed by ourselves and the beings around us.

We all experience these forces, are bound by them and are directed towards our motives by them. These forces also defines the our motives and makes us aware of them. Every one of us has the same structure. lets call these forces pure self, self-consciousness self and social self ( for the sake of convenience) so moving on to my point  I would say that these forces have dimensions i.e. one can lie on the high value of pure self and low on the other two or he/she can be high on social self and low on other two or vice versa.

The point here is everyone has a good pure self in them , some of them just do not realize give it a power to dominate because they are already empowered by their other selfs because the other ones are much more attractive than this face. from the self conscious self and social self we get something in return but from the noble pure self we always give more than we take, and this pure self also is the most vulnerable side of any being, it only knows how to love and love do brings suffering.

As a psychologist, i had always been motivated by the basic principle "People arent BAD, its always upto you how you handle them" and believe me this principle is the core of human nature. I have met the bad ones and goodone, at first (when i wasnt studying psychology) the bad ones confused me alot because they never were able to took advantage of me , and i was surprised when people come to me and told me about their bad qualities. "if they are that bad then why did they cared about me" is the lingering question which hadnt left me till now..

So I came to the conclusion that we all have a good side in us , when we met someone pure than us we are attracted by the beauty of their self and that purity protects them from the evil self of the other. it uncovers the purity in the person who is dominated by the evil or selfish self. People are just our reflections , it may be hard to dig the purity out of them but its never impossible. Little grains of sand can make the dessert then our little good acts can unearth the good too. and being good or bad is a very subjective experience as psychology says its always upto you how you deal the other. 

so next time saying a generalized statement like people arent good , all men are same, all women are jealoused just ask yourself whether you treat them fair.. whether you give them enough space so that they can reveal their good side? good side is the most vulnerable side of any being they wont disclose it to someone they donot feel trustworthy, so give them time, space and show them you are capable of taking care. and, then you wont be hurt..!!



  1. If my intentions are good, my actions are bad, how can you judge people on these basis without even knowing them ?? Aren't people mirrors of one's own self ??


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