unheard,unseen, rejected!

Note: this piece of writing is for only those technology freaks that do not have time to hear the humans around them.. they are so wrapped up in their own world that they do not see the tear of the ones who craves for their attention, who live for them...

we humans are never vulnerable or breakable.. we assume ourselves the toughest ones.. but we all are alike when it comes to love and relations.. we have the hearts of glass who shreds into pieces when we feel disconnected to the people around us.. and what one live for ?.. as Darwin said we struggle, we adapt to our surrounding just to continue our generations; for the survival of our specie.. why we build castles of wealth? why we make pillars of fortune? so that we will be able to survive.. but is wealth enough..? will wealth get you the euphoria of losing yourselves? or satisfy you in the time when you need someone to become your strength.?

why we crush on others, flirt, lose our hearts, get marries, have babies, build friendships; just because its the need of the life that lives inside us... that struggles to survive.. that fears loneliness.. that becomes hurt on the thought of rejection.. just imagine a world where you have everything your laptop, phone, tablet, ACs, cars every luxury you 've ever wanted.. but you donot have any human on your side.. who will you call? who will you chat to? what's the use of DSLR when you donot have any one to show the pictures you captured..??

and to me the most scary thing in the whole world is disconnectedness.. the place where nobody understands you, you speak but they can't hear.. you call them but there are no answers... isn't it the death? or its worse than death.. i 've read somewhere that the sick mad people are the ones who have a different world than us.. they live in their own world where they are in perfect peace.. the world we cannot understand..

it leads me to the thought that may be we are mad because you can't listen to us.. you don't see our tears.. you don't see our feeling written across our faces.. you are so preoccupied in your own world, gaming, reading, watching whatever that you forgot that life exists somewhere by your side.. its only the lack of communication that makes us disconnected.. imagine yourself talking getting a reply sorry? what? no matter how many times you speak the same thing.. you will be frustrated and sick.. this is the pain we all felt when we talk to the person gaming, or lost with the technology gadgetry.. we tries to call them again again but no answer.. we told them something important; they pretend to be listening but when you ask them again they are completely oblivious..

n a day will come when we will no longer exist, or we will be there but you can't get through us because we will be living in the different world and then what will you do? you will say that world is not to be trusted and the people who lives in it are really selfish.. they care only for themselves.. or you will complain that all children flies away from their parents because they are selfish.. then just ask yourself were you there when your child cried daddy?

this life is too short to hurt the ones around us.. to be so lost where no one can get to us.. if you have felt the pain in my words.. then come back.. we dont want to take away your pleasure we just want you to listen to us give us time too.. plz come back in the world we share before you lose it for forever..


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