Prophet was a HUMAN, not an Angel!

There was once a Man of Allah, who went to a place to preach God's teaching. The people of that place got offended by his teachings and threw rocks on him. He got badly wounded but He never complained, never spoke ill of them. Yes, He was the Prophet( Peace Be Upon Him) of God who was sent as a Blessing for whole world. 

He never hurt anyone in the world although people treated him harshly. He was the one who freed the murderer of his daughter. Now when I think about him, I ask myself what really was his heart made of? how could he held so much pain in his heart and remain a blessing for the whole world? Did he eat different food from us? Was his body made up of stones so he couldn't feel pain? Was he made up of different elements? 

My heart always replies with a NO! He was a human, a fragile human with all human strengths and weaknesses. when his skin got cut, it bled the same coloured blood. he breath the same air. The food he ate doesnt comes from heaven; it was the same ordinary food. and, most of the times he didn't had any food. still he didnt complain about anything in the world. When we got hurt, we never stops complaining. we never stops speaking ill about the people who hurt us. we dnt eat food which we didnt like..

IS IT REALLY FAIR? IS IT REALLY JUST? The Prophet of God who was sent to earth in the human form just for us. He suffered more than us but he never complained. and what are we, who cant even stand a blood wound. He was tested at every second, from every angle and when we are tested we just sit down in the corner and think life is unfair.

The only reason of sending the Prophet in human form was to set an example for us. He suffered every type of pain with the ordinary human body just to show that this human body is capable of doing every thing. His body wasn't numb, his heart doesn't beat at the different level yet he showed that the human heart can suffer every type of suffering and still can beat at the same rhythm.  

Then why we respond "He was the Prophet! We can never be like Him!" to someone when they tries to give us the example how Prophet reacted in certain circumstances. To me, whenever we did it we reject the whole purpose of sending the Prophet in human form.

He was the Prophet! We can never be like Him! is the phrase we keep on using all our life just to give us a reason to react immaturely to every suffering. But we forgot that this reason was taken from us the very moment God sent his most loveable beings on earth to guide the ordinary humans in ordinary human form. 

They were the beings whom are very dear to Allah yet they suffered at the intensity which we cannot even imagine just because of us .. to set example for us.. n who we are? we ..? and what we do all the time? and I? I am no different from others.. 

May Allah give us all a moment of realization, the brain to understand, the heart who only loves and spread love, the mouth who never speaks ill, and the hands who knows only to protect. So we can set an example that some people really strive to be like their Prophet.. that some people really followed his teaching.. they were not perfect like Him but they tried! 



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